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                SPACE PORT PUB LLC

The Space Port Pub LLC is a micro theme park located in the RINO District of North Denver where you can get the best food, beer and entertainment in Space!

The company is seeking to raise $50 to acquire a custom designed tap handle.

Your support is requested.

A Colorado destination for the entire family.

The Space Port Pub offers prize winning hand crafted beer.

Food is prepared from Colorado farmers.

A variety of space themed arcade and attractions offer fun and entertainment.

Support is provided to space organizations and enterprises.

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Space Port Pub LLC is seeking to raise $50.

A minimum investment is $1 (1Unit).

A maximum investment is $5 (5 Units).

Each Supporter will participate in a royalty pool and share in revenues of the company.

 If all Units Sold, Each Unit will represent 0.02% of the royalty pool until the Supporter has received distributions equal to 1000% (10x) of their financial support.

In addition, each Supporter that buys 1 Unit will receive a $2 discount coupon on our beer for each Unit purchased.

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Read the Support Proposal from Space Port Pub LLC

Read the Disclosure Form from the Space Port Pub LLC

Read the Support Agreement from the Space Port Pub LLC

Call Us: 

(303) 785-8954

7148 S. Andes Circle, Centennial, CO 80016

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