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$17,500 Raised as of 12/15/2017

Paradox is mentioned in Denver Post article on growing hemp as part of an economic development project.

Denver Post

Paradox is a new company that is engaged in hemp farming and oil extraction.

It is engaged in a public/private partnership with West End Economic Corporation.  The processing facility will be located within a former elementary school in Nucla, Colorado that is being converted into a co-working space.

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Paradox obtained 100 hemp seeds, germinated the seeds and then selected the female plants that produce the most CBD oil.  Forty-two of these plants were cloned by taking cuttings and starting them as new plants.  A total of 14,000 clones were produced.


Paradox planted the hemp clones on 9 acres over converted grasslands.  Each plant is surrounded by a plastic strip to mulch the plant and conserve moisture.  Water is provided through a drip irrigation system.  Paradox is completing its first harvest now.


After planting, hemp grows in the friendly climate of the Western Slope of Colorado.

The growing season has come to an end and Paradox is harvesting fully grown hemp plants and hanging them to dry before beginning to extract the oil.

Paradox is led by a management team comprised of David Coker (right), State Senator Don Coram, John Reams and Gene Chuchuru with great experience in business operations, economic development, government and farming of cannabis.


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