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Our mission is to overcome 80 years of laws and regulations that restricted ordinary people (non-accredited investors) like you from financially sponsoring the local businesses where you shop and that support your community.

You now have the power to invest directly in a local business and are not required to delegate your investment decisions to your employer, your 401K or mutual fund manager or other people that get paid no matter whether your investment goes up or down in value.   

We are here to help you develop skills and knowledge on how to invest in and support local businesses, social enterprises and community projects and gain benefits that go beyond return on investment (ROI).

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The Colorado Investors Guild is a state chapter of a membership organization comprised of ordinary people.  You don't have to be wealty to join us.

Members may financially support capital campaigns and invest in Main Street businesses and projects listed with Invest Local Colorado.

Membership is restricted to residents of the State of Colorado that are 18 years of age or older.

You must be a Member of the Colorado Investors Guild to see details of funding proposals and to invest.

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Dues and Benefits

Membership dues for the Colorado Investors Guild are only $25 per year.  A great value!  

As a Member, you will receive information, educational materials and tools on how to evaluate a request for financial support by a Main Street business.

Members will receive the Main Street Investing Workbook.

In addition, Members will receive discounts on educational workshops, invitations to campaign kickoff events and other opportunities to celebrate entrepreneurship in Colorado.

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Scorecard and Workbook

Please download a free copy of the Investing In Main Street Scorecard.

Investing in Main Street Scorecard 10 08 2017.pdf

We have arranged for the Local Money Marketplace to send a digital copy of their Investing in Main Street Workbook to each new Member of the Colorado Investors Guild.  This Workbook will provide background information and analysis on each of the questions in the Investing in Main Street Scorecard.

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