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Durban Indoor Hops plans to construct and operate a custom greenhouse facility where it will determine if it is commercially feasible to grow hops indoors.  


The mission of Durban Indoor Hops is to apply the most environmentally sustainable technology to consistently growing the highest quality of hops.    

Problem to be Solved 

There is a continuing shortage of hops as a key ingredient in the brewing of craft beer.  Growing hops indoors may lead to more hops that is available year round without shortages caused by the weather.

Management Team 

Durban Indoor Hops is led by Karl Dakin and Kris Wittman.  Ceres Greenhouse Solutions and Avolve d/b/a Computer Aquaponics will participate in the demonstration.  Hops farmers, researhers and other experts will support the team. 

Stakeholders in Success

People that will benefit from from the successful demonstration of growing hops indoors include all consumers of craft beer, craft brewers, home brewers, hops farmers and suppliers, and hops breeders. 

Durban Indoor Hops investment crowdfunding campaign will demonstrate to ordinary people the opportunity to financial sponsor small businesses, social enterprises and communities.

Capital Needs 

Durban Indoor Hops plans to conduct an investment crowdfunding campaign to pay for the design and construction of a custom greenhouse building, aquisition of aquaponics equipment, arrange a building site, engage a team of experts and to conduct a demonstration for a period of 12 months. 


Durban Indoor Hops will grow hops indoors to determine the minimal cost of operations and the maximum potential production yeild.  It will capture and analyze information to determine commercial feasibility and develop an optimal growing model for highest quality and flavor.

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