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This page of the Invest Local Colorado investment money market place is dedicated to the Creative Arts.  It is intended to provide a bridge between residents of the Colorado who believe in the value of the arts in all of its forms and those Colorado organizations that offer economically sustainable products and services in the form of art or support thereof.

Creative Arts Sponsorship Clubs

Invest Local Colorado is willing to host groups with an interest in sponsoring Colorado organizations within the Creative Arts.

The group may be new or we can set up a Sponsorship Club as an extension of member services for an existing group.

Creative Arts Funding Co-ops

Invest Local Colorado supports Create Arts Biz Money Co-op in its work to help Creative Arts organizations in raisign money.  Members share information, templates and networks in current and future capital campaigns.

Creative Arts Biz Money Co-op

Invest Local Colorado is a sponsor of Creative Connections. Members work as creative professionals.  Meetings include discussion and sharing of business, ideas and strategies with guest speakers on industry topics.

Creative Connections

Invest Local Colorado has no Listings for the Creative Arts at this time.


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