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If you would like to participate in the Build Your Own Crowd Program, please click on the link below.  You will be transferred to the Application Form followed by the Program Agreement.  If the Agreement is acceptable to you, please digitally sign the Agreement.  We will follow up to verify your interest and qualifications to participate in the Program.  If approved, we will get started on Crowd Building.


Crowd + Funding = Success

All experts agree.  building a crowd before starting a capital campaign is the single greatest factor in assuring success.  The development of a crowd requires time, money, strategy, tools and techniques.  Invest Local Colorado offers its support through the Build Your Own Crowd Program.

Use the Platform

Participants in the Build Your Own Crowd Program will be provided a page on the Invest Local Crowdfunding platform where they can promote themselves and their future investment crowdfunding campaign.

Mentorship, Education and Tools

Participants in the Program will receive a paid mentor, may attend a workshop on Crowd Building by Local Money Marketplace and receive templates that they can use to build their own fan base.

Waiver of Listing Fee

Invest Local Colorado will waive its standard listing fee ($5,000 value) for participants in Program that recruit 500 people to join the Colorado Capital Club and declare their support for them. 

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