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Throughout your life, many fond memories are related to experiences with tasty foods. Likewise, some of your very best memories consist of your favorite adult beverages. Even better are memories that combine both. Bacon flavored with a hint of hard alcohol. I’ll give you a moment to let that soak in . . .  Baron of Bacon currently brings you bacon with a hint of bourbon, tequila, and whiskey, but more recipes are ready to follow. Our head mad scientist and bacon artist, Mark West, is feverishly working on other flavors to send your taste buds to new heights.

Market Size

Bacon sales surpass 3 billion dollars in revenue annually. Approximately 95% of families eat bacon every week. Staggering numbers like these lead us to draw only one conclusion. American’s LOVE bacon!


Increasingly, people are searching to buy quality food and each year the number of farmer’s markets and specialty grocers rises. They gladly pay more for high-quality food.  There is also a growing number of bacon fanatics attending over 50 bacon conventions per year throughout the US, not only to buy bacon food items, but bacon socks, ties, perfume, and other unusual bacon-themed products and gifts. These people are Baron of Bacon’s target market.

Marketing Strategies

To reach the mass of bacon lovers, a three-prong approach will be employed.

1.     Employ a highly targeted advertising and marketing campaign using SEO best digital online practices for our website and social media campaigns.

2.     Set up booths at popular farmers markets where we will sell the bacon and get direct input on our customers’ needs and add them to our email marketing lists for new products discounts and surveys.

3.     Attend the bacon festival as well as set up booths at strategic festivals.

These methods allow us to reach the most likely customer base as the lowest costs.

Current Market

At this time, there are few individuals or businesses experimenting with unique bacon cures. I have discovered and researched some small competitors, but they have no plans to take their bacon online to the masses. There is a very high barrier to enter the market because of the mountains of FDA and USDA laws and regulations needed to produce, package and deliver cured meat outside of large grocery store chains. This stops them from going beyond servicing their local customers. Being first to market gives us a huge advantage.

Capital Needs

The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to build a home for Baron of Bacon. Initially, a place for manufacturing and storage will be acquired, followed closely by increased marketing and hiring the necessary employees to support anticipated future expansion.

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