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Are You Ready to Invest? - Take this Survey

19 Jun 2018 5:39 PM | Andrew Shulman (Administrator)

Take This Survey!

If you are considering investing in a craft brewing business, we suggest that you consider the following ten questions before making an investment. These questions are focused on the craft beer industry.  They are an extension of the Investing in Main Street Scorecard. You can download a free copy at

For each question, you may assign a score of 1 to 5 points (from low to high). This scoring system enables you to consider how strongly you feel about your answer and provides a framework for comparing two different investment opportunities.  Remember that this is your scorecard. Your opinions are your own and the most important. The questions are appropriate for all craft brewers, but your answers are unique to you. The investment must fit your preferences, knowledge of investing and your personal goals – today and many tomorrows. Will you be happy with your investment decision after writing a check and five years from now?

Take as much time as you need in answering the questions. If you don’t know the answer to questions regarding business operations, ask them of the craft brewery owners. Feel free to seek the opinion of your friends, investment advisor, accountant or attorney, but be careful of peer pressure.  Each of these questions will be examined in detail in other posts to the Brewing Investors Guild blog at 

Please consider joining this association of craft beer consumers. Briefings and workshops on investing in a craft brewing business will be offered through Local Money Marketplace at

If you think there is another, more important question that should be on our top 10 list, please let us know. We are supported by Durban Indoor Hops and you can leave us your recommendation at

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