An opportunity to financially support your local Main Street businesses!

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Who We Are

Invest Local Colorado is a Colorado company that provides investment crowdfunding platform services.  It is registered as an Intermediary with the Colorado Division of Securities in conformance with the Colorado Crowdfunding Act.

We act as a marketplace where Colorado residents may financially support local businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an alternative within the capital industry where every resident of Colorado, not just the wealthy, can financially support Main Street businesses.


Invest Local Colorado is led by Karl Dakin, Dan Taylor and Lucas Marquardt.

Karl Dakin is an advocate for improving access to capital in Colorado and was active in the passage of the Colorado Crowdfunding Act.

Dan Taylor is a local businessman that offers IT services to small businesses and charities.

Lucas Marquardt is a consultant on financial management.


Invest Local Colorado has established an Affiliate Program where qualified individuals and organizations may earn money through referrals.  We pay a commission when an organization lists their capital campaign on our platform or when a person joins the Colorado Capital Club.

Call Us: 

(303) 785-8954

7148 S. Andes Circle, Centennial, CO 80016

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