An opportunity to financially support your local Main Street businesses!

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Support Main Street Businesses

Everyone now has the opportunity to make their own investment decisions and financially support those Main Street businesses that are the economic foundation of their communities.

Invest Local Colorado is an 'Intermediary' that provides this 'Investment Crowdfunding Platform' where residents of the State of Colorado may financially support Main Street businesses.

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  • Learn about investing in Main Street businesses
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Capital Campaigns

Colorado is a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Nearly all Main Street business need money to start and grow.   However, common forms of capital from institutional and angel investors do not meet this need.

Learn how you and your community can receive value by supporting businesses in your backyard.

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Investing in Main Street Scorecard

This is all new.  Investing in Main Street businesses will be different from any other type of investment that you may know.

We have created a Scorecard to assist individuals in evaluating proposals for financial support from organizations raising money through investment crowdfunding.  

This scorecard has five primary sections: Monetary Value, Non-Monetary Value, Management, Like/Dislike, Other Support.  You can download a copy of this Scorecard by clicking on the link below.

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Space Port Pub

In collaboration with the Local Money Marketplace, Invest Local Colorado has created a fictional business - the Space Port Pub - to help you understand how you can financially support a Main Street business.

You may review a website, a business summary and a financial proposal like you will be able to do for real businesses after you become a Member of the Colorado Capital Club. 

         Website          Summary          Proposal

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